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We offer a comprehensive service for all of your production needs -  covering all parts of the process from mastermoulding to a final packaged product.
Master mould production.


Master moulds are the first step to the production of metal miniatures. they are designed to give perfect reproductions of original sculpts.

Normally master-moulds are made from industrial grade organic silicone rubber which is cut into shape to protect the original  as much as is needed. Organic rubber needs to be vulcanised, this is the process of adding heat and pressure to harden the rubber to its finished state, but original sculpts need to be strong enough to resist these stresses. In conjunction with a skilled  mouldmaker most sculpts are able to withstand these forces and should mould perfectly.

Master-moulds can vary in size as suits the needs of the customer.

Most Master-moulds are 228mm (9") diameter which gives enough space for 8 - 12 carefully placed miniatures.

Sometimes parts dictate that the master-mould  needs to be 280mm (11"), bigger moulds can give greater space.

It is recommended that master-moulds are cast as little as possible.

Once a mould has been heated it starts to wear. Undercuts may be lost at any time without careful mould handling, small amounts of the oils in the compound are lost and the mould starts to become dry and brittle.

Once a master-mould is damaged little can be done to restore it.

Master-moulds are used to make Master-castings; these first generation castings are the best that come from your original miniature.

Master-castings are used for Production moulding and as first of the run, are usually sent to painters for advertising purposes.

Master Moulds cost 60 (GBP) at present and could be produced in 4 working days if time dictated but 3 weeks, is a more normal wait.


Master casting & cleaning.


After master moulding a number of castings are taken.

These master-castings are the first generation castings and will be bigger than the castings that you are used to seeing if you were to buy miniatures (which are normally second generation castings.)

Some master-castings are used for painting/scanning and promotional purposes, others are needed for production moulding,.

Master castings should be a perfect representation of the original sculpts, but they also need to be prepared for the next stage.

The cost of cleaning the casting to remove any flash, split-lines and other imperfections is a one-off 6.00 GBP charge per production mould.

Master castings are a precious commodity, after cleaning and moulding they should be saved safely away from the parent master-moulds, they will be needed whenever re-moulding becomes necessary.


Production moulds.


Production moulds are the final step to mass production of metal miniatures.

If you are going to want more than moderate numbers of your cast sculpts then a Production-mould will be necessary.

Production moulds are made from industrial grade organic silicone rubber which needs to be vulcanised, this is the process of adding heat and pressure to harden the rubber to its finished state. 

Master-castings need to be used  to resist these stresses.

Production moulds can be either of 228mm (9") or 280mm (11"), a full 228mm production mould can contain about 16 x 28mm scale minis. 280mm moulds may be needed for large items or for larger than normal production runs.

Production moulds are run to destruction, as many as possible usable minis are taken from each mould and when exhausted the mould is cut-up and discarded.

Moulds with normal level of undercutting will last over 150 spins giving large quantity's of usable castings for sale.

Production-moulds cost 42.00 (GBP) at present and could be produced in 2 hours if time dictated but 3 weeks is a more normal wait.


Production casting.



Production casting is carried out in-house by our professional caster using a hydraulic centrifugal casting machine.

Any quantity of castings that you require can be made in either lead-free pewter or white metal.

The current cost (per kilo) for casting is 11.25 (GBP) for white metal or 18.60 (GBP) for lead free pewter.

We will cast mould's that have been made by other companies of any size up to (280mm) 11""  under advice.




Any level of packaging is available from a simple zip-lock bag with an attached label, up to a full colour card-backed heat sealed blister pack. Shrink wrapped box set's can also be made according to customer requirements.


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